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Womens Football Magazine
Womens Football Magazine
The First Weekly Magazine dedicated to Women's and Girls Football covering all the UK's Leagues with the Latest Results and Club News from across the country.
You can buy just the current weeks issue for 1.50 (published every Thursday of the football season) or an annual magazine subscription for the full football season which costs from just 24.00p UK pounds (one issue per week printed copy by post) or 15 UK pounds for a PDF FULL COLOUR version sent fast by email.
Subscriptions starting mid season will automatically continue the following season up to the issue prior to the anniversary of the start date.
Magazine Back Issues are often available please see below for details how to order.
Help Raise Club Funds
Clubs and Leagues can also sell the magazine each week to help raise club funds, please contact us for details:
 click here 
Telephone: 0117 9695487
Fax: 0117 9694544
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Refunds and Terms of Sale
Refunds and Terms of Sale
This Weeks Issue only
1.50p UK pounds - this weeks issue by post.
This Weeks Issue only
1.00p UK pounds - this weeks FULL COLOUR issue by Email.
Annual PDF Subscription - One every Week
15 UK pounds - one FULL COLOUR
issue every week of the football season
Delivered Fast by email (file size up to 3MB).
Annual Subscription - One every Week
29.00 UK pounds - one issue every week
of the football season (First Class).
Annual Subscription - One every Week
24.00 UK pounds - one issue every week
of the football season (Second Class).

Back Issues by Credit or Payment Card
The magazine is published every Thursday of the Football season. Magazine Back Issues are usually available, especially the electronic PDF Full Colour version.
To order a back issue you will need to identify the Date of Issue (must be a Thursday) or the Volume and Issue number (on front cover) and enter the information below.
DD: MM: YYYY:    OR    Volume no: Issue no:
NB: If the issue date given is not a Thursday or falls outside the season, we will supply the nearest issue to the date given. Similarly, if the Volume or Issue number does not exist we will supply the nearest issue. You can always telephone or email (see above) to check availability.
Click one of the following buttons...
One Back Issue
1.50p UK pounds - Back Issue by post.
One Back Issue
1.00p UK pounds - Back Issue FULL COLOUR PDF by Email.

Pay by Cheque or Money Order
You can pay by cheque with any UK Bank Cheque just make your payment out to: Womens Soccer Scene (please see the Refunds and Terms of Sale button above).
If you can not pay by UK Bank Cheque then you can pay by UK Pounds (Sterling) money order available in many post offices.
Post your payment with your delivery address to:
PO Box 72
BS34 8HT
United Kingdom


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