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Send your Womens Football News, Stories, Photos & Video

If you have any Women's Football News, Stories, Photos or Video please send it to us for inclusion in our media which includes all Women's Soccer Scene Media.
News and Stories
Please send by Email:  
 click here 
Under 5 Megabytes (file size) please send by Email:  
 click here 
Suitable video is included in Women's Soccer Scene TV programmes, short or long video content can be anything of interest such as good play, news, events, funny moments and interviews, for examples of recent programme content click the TV screen below. Please be sure to tell us the credits you would like us to include.
Wommen's Football TV - click here Women's football TV
For free help and advice please see below.
Video under 7 Megabytes (file size) by Email:  
 click here 
Small video clips under 7 Megabytes can be emailed but please think about quality considerations. It is unlikely compressed video clips under 7 Megabytes and over 10 seconds in length will have sufficent image quality, so you may wish to send these in on DVD or ask us for a Free online FTP Video Upload Account.
For more free help Email:  
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Or contact Simon on Tel: 0845 475 3625 (office hours)
NB: We will give appropriate credits within content, please provide details with the material.
Unless agreed otherewise in advance, all material is accepted on a free of charge for our use in our media and productions (printed magazine, electronic magazine, web, web TV and TV programmes). Match footage is best with original sound. You should not add copyright music to video or included material which is not yours without permission from the copyright holder. Material is used entirely at our discretion and we may edit it to suit.
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